Yoga Flowetry

Welcome to Yoga Flowetry, led by Jennifer Galardi. This program was developed to combine the strength and fluidity of yoga in order to give you an invigorating workout. In this workout, you flow through the poses while building heat within the body. Throughout this program, Jennifer will encourage you to pay attention to your breath and connect it to each posture, both building strength and finding a deep sense of inner calm. Get started with Yoga Flowetry today and feel stronger, calmer, and more grounded in your body.

YOUR TRAINER: Jennifer Galardi
LEVEL: Beginner/Intermidiate

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  • Flowetry

    Welcome to Yoga Flowetry, led by Ballet and yoga-trained instructor, Jennifer Galardi. This program combines the power of yoga with fluid, ballet-like movements to improve your flexibility, build strength, and refine your balance. If you are new to yoga, the Yoga Pose Tutorial will help acclimate you and teach you good form. Jennifer will show… Read more »

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  • Yoga Pose Tutorial

    Ever wondered how to do warrior pose? How to do downward dog? This yoga pose tutorial serves as an introductory course to yoga poses that will be used in the main Yoga Flowetry Workout. If you’re not sure how to do yoga poses that you’ve seen in other workouts or heard about, this yoga poses… Read more »

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  • Yoga Flow Video

    Yoga Flowetry is a calming and invigorating yoga practice all at the same time. Combining the strength of vinyasa-style yoga with the fluidity and rhythm of dance, this 60 minute yoga flow video gives you a solid workout that also brings about a deeper sense of inner peace. Your instructor, Jennifer Galardi, will help you… Read more »

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  • Yoga Stretch Video

    Yoga Stretch and Relax is a 20-minute yoga stretch video that uses slow stretching movements to help your muscles release after a workout or stretch your body after a long day. Through hip and chest openers, back stretches, and twisting postures, you’ll give your entire body the calming stretch it needs. Throughout each pose in… Read more »

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