• 12:32

    10 Minute Energizing Flow Yoga

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Mat Instructor: Chris Freytag Join Chris Freytag for this 10 minute Energizing Flow Yoga Workout. This is a 10-minute yoga full body stretch routine to help release tension and stress from the body. As you flow and connect with your breath, use this practice to reboot your mind and body. You…

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  • 13:20

    10 Minute Quickie Cardio

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Mat Instructor: Sam Cameranesi Join Trainer Sam Cam for a 10 minute Cardio Quickie Workout to blast through calories and get your heart rate up. No equipment needed just your bodyweight and energy. This workout will take you through a series of athletic drills. Each drill is one minute long. Sam…

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  • 12:54

    10 Minute Buns and Legs

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Medium to Heavy Dumbbells, Mat Instructor: Sam Cameranesi This Buns and Legs workout is a quick and effective lower body burn! Sam Cameranesi will take you through a quick warm up and then take you through a series of multi-muscle group exercises. Following the format of 45 seconds of work followed…

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  • 13:26

    10 Minute Arms and Abs

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Medium to heavy dumbbells, Mat Instructor: Chris Freytag This Arms + Abs workout is a quick and effective muscle burn! Chris Freytag will take you through a quick warm up and then take you through a series of eight multi muscle group exercises, you’ll do for a minute each. During that…

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  • 12:47

    Tread and Shred – 10-Minute Cool Down

    Whether you’ve just finished another Tread and Shred workout or you’ve just completed a strength workout, this 10-minute cool down is meant to prepare your body and mind for recovery. By continuing to move our bodies at a much lower intensity, we are training our bodies to gradually come back down to a normal state.…

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  • GROOV3 Section 1: Dance Workout Warm Up

    GROOV3 Section 1: Dance Workout Warm Up

    Looking for a fun new workout you can do in the comfort of your own home? The workouts in GROOV3, led by Benjamin Allen, are upbeat dance workouts for people of all fitness levels. In this quick dance workout warmup, Benjamin will show you some basic movements that you’ll utilize in the rest of the

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  • 10:25

    GROOV3 Section 2: Cardio Dance Workout

    The next section of the GROOV3 program is Section 2, a fun 10-minute cardio dance segment led by instructor Benjamin Allen. You’ll add some new choreography from the warm-up and start to groove to the music in this full-body dance workout that will have you burning calories and feeling great! Benjamin will show you the

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  • 15:02

    GROOV3 Section 3: Dance Exercise

    Continuing on with the choreography you learned in the first sections of the GROOV3 program, Section 3 expands on your dance sequences and picks up the intensity. You’ll learn brand new moves and follow along as Benjamin Allen leads you in more upbeat, fun dance exercise. This 15-minute dance sequence can be done following the

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  • 4:20

    GROOV3 Fitness Dance Choreography

    If you enjoyed the main dance workouts in GROOV3, you’ll love this quick video with bonus choreography you can add on for an extra challenge! You’ll get your whole body moving with this fun fitness dance choreography led once again by Benjamin Allen. You could use this bonus choreography as a quick dance warm-up or add it onto the previous workouts, too. You don’t need any dance experience to get your body moving to this upbeat fitness dance choreography, just a little room to groove.

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