• 45:17

    GOLD LIVE Class: Coming Down the Ladder 3

    Level: All Levels
    Equipment: Dumbbells, mat
    Instructor: Sam Cameranesi

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  • 31:59

    Tread and Shred – Pyramid Run 1

    Have you joined in on any of our other Get Healthy U TV Pyramid styled strength workouts? Power up and become more energized and more fit with this powerful pyramid run workout! This workout is an interval-based workout and we call it a Pyramid Workout for a reason! We will do a total of 7…

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  • 32:30

    Tread and Shred – HIIT Walk and Run 1

    What do you think of when you hear the words “HIIT?” Do you think of treadmill intervals, do you think of strength drills, or do you simply think intense intervals?! Well all are correct, however, the treadmill can be a great tool when it comes to HIIT training! In this 30-minute treadmill walk and run…

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  • 33:02

    Tread and Shred – Interval Walk + Run 1

    Whether you’re training for race day or you’re looking to run off some steam, a common misconception when it comes to running is that you need to log a bunch of miles over time. While logging miles is essential, it’s as important to focus on your body’s mental and physical ability to sustain endurance over…

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  • 32:39

    Tread and Shred – Upper Body Bootcamp 1

    This 30-minute Tread and Shred Upper Body Bootcamp workout is all about getting your heart rate up and sculpting a stronger, more defined upper body! Split your workout 50/50 between cardio done on the treadmill and strength work done on the floor to strengthen your upper body! This upper body bootcamp class will transform your…

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  • 12:47

    Tread and Shred – 10-Minute Cool Down

    You’ve just finished another Tread and Shred workout or maybe you’ve just finished a strength workout, this 10-minute cool down is meant to prepare your body and mind for recovery. By continuing to move our bodies, at a much lower intensity, we are training our bodies to gradually come back down to a normal state.…

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  • 15:01

    10-Minute No Jumping Strength

    If you are looking for a low impact but high results workout, then this workout is for you! In just 10-minutes this no jumping strength workout that will focus on strength training form and control while staying low impact on the joints. For this workout – all you will need are a set of light…

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  • 16:11

    10-Minute Kettlebell Strength

    If you are looking for a workout that digs deep into strength training with the kettlebell this workout is for you! Our 10-Minute Kettlebell strength workout is an empowering workout that focuses on form and movement while staying low impact on the joints. Don’t have a kettlebell? That’s okay – you can even try this…

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  • 56:00

    GOLD LIVE Class: Game of 21 Version 1

    Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    Equipment: Medium and heavy dumbbells, mat
    Instructor: Sam Cameranesi

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