GHUTV LIVE! March 2017

Thanks for tuning in to the March GHUTV LIVE Q&A session with Chris Freytag. Chris answered viewers health and fitness questions live on air! Stay tuned for next month’s session! See you then!

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29 Responses to “GHUTV LIVE! March 2017”

  1. Lisa

    Where do you get your workout clothes, especially leggings?
    …not sure how tall you are, but always looks great!

  2. Connie

    Did the Live Pilates workout today. How in the world do you work up to a full roll back?

  3. Marisa

    Hi Chris! Weight training question for you – if you are sore, should you take the day off? or maybe do cardio or whatever muscle group is not sore? And if I am not sore, does that mean I need to work out harder the next time? And a diet question – should I strive to be grain free? Or maybe I should just shoot to be gluten free? Or do you think you can have a healthy diet with grains as carbs? There are so many schools of thought I am confused on what to follow.

  4. Elizabeth

    Is it possible to do too many squats and lunges in a week? I want to sculpt muscles in my legs and butt without adding bulk

  5. Laura

    When will the racer-back bras be available in black? They are available only in scoop-back but I like the racer-back style. Also, when will the raspberry color be in stock? I want to order some – they look so cute!

  6. Susi

    I’m in my 50’s, 5’5, 108 lbs. I’m very healthy with a petite build. As I’ve aged, I’ve become very slim in my upper body and would like to know what type of exercises I could do to fill out my arms because I feel very conscious in sleeveless clothes, feeling I look boney. Thanks!

  7. Geraldine

    I love the advice you are giving the beginner. I cannot tell you how many times I am in the gym and see a trainer killing a heavy person, and I am thinking they are not coming back. It is a shame, so thank you for your helpful encouragment.

  8. Laura

    I prefer to do my workouts in bare feet. I feel like I get better grip than I do in shoes. Is there any risk of damage I’m doing to my feet?

  9. Lisa

    Hi Chris! How do you exercise so much and not get injured?I feel like every week something hurts…wrists, low back…as opposed to a few years back when I could work out hard every day and not feel it.

  10. Barb

    I tend to break out in a sweat much more after my workout is over, rather than during my workout. Why is that?

  11. Tracy

    Do you have a preferred brand of Kombachu? I have recently started drinking it and find there are so many to choose from. Should I drink it everyday?

  12. Molly Nadybska

    What are some good ways to stay motivated to get that workout in each week?

  13. Samantha

    Hi Chris, I try to watch my sodium. I use pink Himalayan but is one salt any better than another?

  14. Angela

    Hello, I know you hear this all the time but I exercise and eat healthy, lift weights, do HIIT, everything. I should not look like I do. I know I am periomenapausal but the dr’s won’t do a blood test because I still get my period. Do you think there are any benefits to Estroven weight control? It looks like it got really good reviews. What is your opinion? Is it something I should try?

  15. Linda

    Hi Chris! How are the suggested servings sizes calculated? In my mind a 125 pound person may be the average so should a smaller person in weight adjust the servings sizes in both food and supplements? I am a middle aged, small framed petite person and I wonder if my servings sizes should be the same or smaller than what is often times printed on the labels. I do try to work out an average of 4-5 times a week. Thanks for your insight!

  16. Kerry

    My goals is to get rid of fat and increase muscle. What types of workouts should I be focusing on? How often should I train each muscle group, such as upper body, lower body, and total body? Thank you!