How to Set up a GHUTV Icon on an Android Phone

STEP 1. Click the Google Chrome icon to access the internet
STEP 2. Go to and log into your account by entering your username and password
STEP 3. Click “Remember Me” to stay logged into your account
STEP 4. Click the options icon in the top right corner to bring up an options menu
STEP 5. Choose “Add to Home Screen” and confirm by clicking “Add.”
STEP 6. To move your newly created icon, simply hold it down and drag it to the desired position

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12 Responses to “How to Set up a GHUTV Icon on an Android Phone”

  1. Kelley Pendergraft

    Easy peasy!

  2. Chidinma

    Good day, please I would like to opt out of auto renewal

  3. Colette Mc Caffrey

    I've signed up for menopause muscle build challenge. How do I find the workouts each day??

  4. Janice Marie Cartwright

    Do you have a daily calorie counter within this app to keep track of my calories and fitness?

  5. Janice Cartwright

    Is there somewhere in this program to document your daily workout? Thanks

  6. GWEN

    I don't have the "options" button for creating an app on my phone!

  7. Lo Potter

    Using android phone I dont see option button

  8. VONDA

    None at this time

  9. SUE

    Thank you!!

  10. DEBRA

    I signed up and paid for gold membership but when I look it says no active membership. What do I need to do I can't access any videos