How to Stop Your Workout Video from Freezing

If you are in the middle of a workout and the video starts to buffer, there are a few things you can do to prevent any more interruptions. When you are watching a video and it starts to freeze, you can push the pause button to allow it to load. How fast the video loads will depend on your internet speed and connection. Once the bar at the bottom has loaded partially, you can hit play to continue your workout.

To watch a workout in full screen, click the icon in the bottom right corner. To exit full screen, you can either click this icon again or hit the “Esc” key.

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9 Responses to “How to Stop Your Workout Video from Freezing”

  1. Margaret Adie

    I’ve cleaned my browsing history other programs work on my iPad at least 10 I’ve tried don’t work

  2. LAURA

    I won't be renewing my annual Gold membership due to workouts constantly stopping when I try to play them. It doesn't matter what device I'm using and it's not my wi-fi. This only happens on workouts from the Get Healthy U TV website - not from the many other streaming services (including some fitness ones) I use. Very disappointing, as the workouts themselves are good. Just cannot take the lack of steady streaming.

  3. Diana Marshall

    It isn’t the video that freezes, it is the entire app. when I turned it on on my Firstick today, all I got was a spinning buffer that never stopped. I even left the room for 15 min and it was still spinning when I returned. I rebooted the fire stick, turned the TV on and off, left the app and used others, still when I returned to the Get healthy app, it was STILL spinning.


    Hi, Gethealthyutv has become a part of my morning routine ever since I joined in Jan of this year. I like Chris and her style and have been following her other videos over few years and it was because of her that I signed up.. I have only good things to say since I joined, like the variety and love all the instructors and variety. However from past few weeks I have been having video timeout issues very frequently during workout in between repetitions. It does not matter what time I workout, I have tried pausing, letting the video load etc. etc. In past few days, the videos have been just timing out even just after a minute into the workout. I have other workout streaming subscriptions that loads just fine. Whenever I have issue with this, I have been successfully able to use those which makes me believe that this is just gethealthuutv website? What changed as this wasn't an issue even a month ago for me? Please fix this issue as fans like us are the ones that will bring more users. Thanks, Kavitha

  5. Lisa Minkowsky

    Ok, I will try that

  6. Valerie

    I joined GHUTV about 1 year ago. In the beginning months, I never experienced the video freezing. However, every time I play a video ( even the 10 minutem10 day challenge) the video freezes. What changed at GHUTV? I’ve cleared the internet history, played on a brand new laptop and video still freezes. I wish I could continue, but it’s frustrating.

  7. Cindy

    I’ve been a GHUTV member and Gold member since the beginning , and I LOVE the program. The trainers, variety, advice, recipes, motivation-all are amazing! That being said, there are times when the workouts will freeze and refuse to continue, or freeze multiple times during a workout, which is incredibly frustrating. Sometimes I need to abandon the workout and switch to a different one (or a DVD) because it refuses to play. This does not happen with any video streams from other sources.

  8. Laura

    My froze on my first workouts and I canceled immediately.

  9. KALA

    There is more to this issue. I can turn off all other devices in the house and still have the videos freeze. This a GHUTV issue as I have no other issues with streaming from other websites. So frustrating when a person is working out on a timeline. I hope you guys figure this out at some point.