Meet Your Instructor: Benjamin Allen

Dancer, celebrity choreographer and creator of GROOV3™, “the feel-good, dance-party workout” that Elle Magazine has called, “LA’s coolest all-levels dance class,” Benjamin Allen has dance in his bones. After working as a professional dancer for over a decade, he wanted to create a space that was somewhere in between an industry class and a cardio dance class. A place where all are welcome, those who used to dance and those who want to learn can all receive different benefits while enjoying great music and a welcoming community.

Scratch your idea of fitness and get intoxicated by GROOV3, the only dance experience that delivers the undeniable Power of 3:

1 non-stop, no-holding-back calorie-slaying DJ set

2 speeds of choreography to match and amplify any learning style

3 times the empowerment as you DANCE, SWEAT, and LIVE far beyond your workout!

Workout with Benjamin

Bring the Gym to Your Home
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4 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Benjamin Allen”

  1. Eleni Stevens

    I too love the Dance Classes. I am very un-coordinated yet this does not stop the fun. Would love more. Thank you.

  2. ANN

    I would like more classes with him! There aren’t enough dance classes. I find dance classes far more motivating than any others. Please listen to my request.

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