Meet Your Instructor: Jennifer Galardi

Jennifer Galardi is the founder of livWhole, a company dedicated to healing and happiness through holistic living. By bringing together her knowledge and experience across multiple disciplines, including fitness, nutrition, yoga and meditation, she invites everyone to join her in creating habits and routines to live a purposeful and joyful life in a healthy, balanced body. As a nationally recognized star of more than a dozen best-selling dance and fitness DVDs, Jennifer is a leading voice is in fitness and healthy living.

In addition to her own blog DONE – the blog, she is a regular contributor to the Bowflex Insider blog. A forever student, Jennifer is committed to guiding and empowering modern women through the ancient teachings and wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda.

Work out with Jennifer

Check out one of Jennifer’s videos in this preview for her program, Ballet Body Workout:

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