Meet Your Instructor: Valerie Fleurantin

Valerie Fleurantin is a certified Group Fitness instructor and the founder of VF Health Fitness Solutions. VF Health Fitness Solutions is a relentless agent for a future where all families can live full and healthy lives. Since 2014, Valerie has been providing free and donation-based classes to marginalized communities in Minneapolis. She is the creator of AfroKarribe Dance Fitness and a certified Zumba and bootcamp instructor. Valerie is motivated, excited, passionate, and committed to help you get fit while having fun!

Work out with Valerie

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14 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Valerie Fleurantin”

  1. Jeannette Hernández

    I recently took your Dance Groove and I enjoyed it very much. Great pizazz and flavor. Keep it up and I hope to keep you teaching us great dance moves. It is so nice to see a diversity in the instructors and in the various approaches. I loved very much how you worked your class with Shelley! Teamwork was a great success in teaching us. Fantástico.

  2. KATE

    I love Val's smile, energy and passion!

  3. Leola Canada

    Where can I find your work cardio workout videos Valerie?

  4. Jeri Gamble

    Love working out with Val! Her smile and joy is infectious.

  5. Shellie

    She is one of my favorites. Love her energy and challenging modifications.

  6. Marjie Steel

    Thank you for your generous work with marginalized communities in your area. Wouldn't it be lovely if this became a national program!

  7. Marjie Steel

    Do you think we can have a AfroKarribe Dance Class on GetHealthy UTV - how fun would that be?

  8. Lynn Ellen Hauge

    Trying to get rid of my Stomach and more muscles.

  9. Aliana

    Hi!! I wonder if you would like to have a spanish speaker teacher for latin market. I am certified Pilates and hipopresives instructor and i would love to colaborate with you on these classes :)

  10. Beth

    Coach Val is my favorite! She brings fun and high energy into all her workouts. She is so encouraging and I can't wait for more workouts with her!