How to Navigate the Get Healthy U TV Website

We’re excited to have you as part of the Get Healthy U TV community! In this video, Chris Freytag demonstrates how to best navigate the Get Healthy U TV website, addressing many of our frequently asked website questions.

If you have other questions, please give us a call at 1-844-278-2050.

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137 Responses to “How to Navigate the Get Healthy U TV Website”

  1. maria.agostino

    what is the difference between premium and gold membership

  2. Cristin

    Cancel subscription

  3. george walter

    stuck onhow to use

  4. June

    Can I please cancel my subscription please could you email me to say that is done please

  5. Michelle

    Please cancel my membership. Thank you.

  6. Elisabeth Swanner

    I recently upgraded to the gold membership, but I can't access any of the videos without purchasing them at an additional cost.

  7. Holly Crescenti

    My subscription renewed today and I did not want it to. Please cancel my subscription today and refund full amount charged to my cc

  8. Ngoc

    I paid for a year member, now I dont use it and want to cancel

  9. Tina Gill

    Can’t find my account on your website, hard to navigate. And how do I cancel my subscription

  10. Diane

    I need help to start