Beginner Workouts Bundle




DVD: Beginner Workouts Bundle

5 Different Workouts
Total Video Run Time: 2 hours, 57 minutes

The most important steps you take in your fitness journey are the first few – and this is a great program to help you with those initial steps.

Whether you’re committing to a fitness program for the very first time, or getting back into it after a break, this Beginner Workouts Bundle of in-home workouts is a great way to start your fitness journey.

Watch video preview of this workout bundle:

Our team of GHUTV coaches will literally walk you through this collection of 5 workouts that are designed with YOU in mind. Each of the workouts is based on walking and fundamental bodyweight movements. No heavy equipment is needed; no advanced movements will be required; and no experience in the gym is necessary.

We’ll start with 3 of our most popular GOLD workouts, focused on interval walking, bodyweight movements, and low impact strength training. Even though this is a beginner program, we’ll still provide you with modifications for most every movement, to help you keep pace.

Then you’ll get 2 workouts that we call “Walk, Sweat & Sculp.” These will include some light weights and bodyweight movements, focused on toning both your upper and lower body.

Workouts included are:
– GOLD Workout: Beginner Interval Walking (33 min)
– GOLD Workout: Beginner Bodyweight Bootcamp (33 min)
– GOLD Workout: Low Impact Fusion (47 min)
– Walk, Sweat & Sculpt: Upper Body (33 min)
– Walk, Sweat & Sculpt: Lower Body (31 min)

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiment.

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