Travel/Bodyweight Workouts Bundle


Item: T9002R


DVD: Travel/Bodyweight Workouts Bundle

4 Different Workouts
Total Video Run Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes

If you travel frequently, or don’t have regular access to a gym or exercise equipment, this set of four low-impact workouts will provide you with the knowledge and practice to get a workout in almost anywhere. All you need is your bodyweight. And a mat or carpet.

Maintaining a good workout routine is hard enough under normal conditions, but it can be especially hard for anyone who travels frequently, whether on business or vacation. Being flexible and adaptable to your situation is an important aspect of maintaining a regular fitness routine.

Watch video preview of this workout bundle:

In this bundle, we’ll start with a fun, but intense, workout called Coming Down the Ladder – a series of 5 different moves done over several rounds. You’ll also learn a great interval workout, and get two dynamic power walking routines that will get your heart pumping in a big way.

Along with our coaches, you’ll have fun with each of these workouts.

Workouts included are:
– Coming Down the Ladder Workout (29 min)
– Ultimate Intervals (36 min)
– Fat Burning Cardio Walking (20 min)
– Core Connection (31 min)

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