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GOLD Workout: Beginner HIIT 1 Video Download


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Video Download: GOLD Workout: Beginner HIIT 1

Katie Laing will lead you through this 30-minute Beginner GOLD HIIT 1 workout. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and as a beginner, Kate will encourage you to put forth your best effort while listening to your body. While HIIT training can be an intense way to work out, your level of exertion is relative to your fitness level. These intervals will have an equal work to rest ratio, allowing your heart rate to recover. Low impact options will be given for all exercises. Have fun and try out an interval workout! Have a light set of dumbbells and a water bottle and you’ll be ready to go!

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Light dumbbells, mat
Instructor: Kate Laing