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Walk, Sweat, Sculpt - Lower Body Video Download


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Video Download: Walk, Sweat, Sculpt – Lower Body

Want to sculpt and shape your lower body while getting your steps in too? If so, welcome to Walk, Sweat Sculpt Lower Body Workout. In this fun lower body sculpt workout we’ll use strength movements to tone the glutes and leg muscles while completing and upbeat walking routine. Rainy day? Doesn’t matter, this indoor workout gets you moving inside no matter what the weather is. Short on time? The beauty of doing a 30-minute workout is you can fit it in before work, during a lunch break, or even at night once everything has settled down!

This lower body sculpt and walking combination is great because it provides low impact walking that both beginners and experienced exercisers can do, along with simple but challenging lower body sculpt moves that tone and shape your legs and booty!

Total Run Time: 31 minutes

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