Lindsey Bomgren

10-Minute Back, Bicep, Tricep Workout 2

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   11  mins

Ready to strengthen and tone your upper body? Then join us for our Back, Biceps and Triceps 2 workout! This awesome back, bicep, tricep workout is all about strengthening the upper body so you see more definition in your muscles and establish some serious strength for everything you need to do! Strength training is a key factor in a healthy, strong body and a good metabolism. Many women are afraid to lift weights, especially for the upper body. Some have a fear they will “bulk up” too much. That is NOT going to happen! This back, bicep, tricep workout will simply help you tone up and get strong! Much like our Definitions series of workouts, this is intended to define and sculpt the muscle on your body.

Trainer Lindsey Bomgren leads you through this workout with her killer smile and killer energy. Grab a set of weights or two and a stability ball and get ready to work. Right off the bat she will take you through some supersets. That means you will take one muscle group and perform two exercises for that same group. This gets all the different angles of each muscle and works them to fatigue! Starting with your back you do a double arm row followed immediately by a single arm row. Then you’ll move on to work two bicep exercises in a row and two tricep exercises in a row. By this point you will notice the fatigue setting in!

Next up, grab your stability ball and be ready to work your weights with the ball. Of course, if for any reason you don’t want to use the stability ball or do not own one, you can perform the moves on the floor just as well. Strengthening your upper body muscles if important for your overall strength, your posture and your everyday living. Keep working and keep getting strong! If you love this back, bicep, tricep workout you will also love our Gold Live Split Training Day 1. Grab some dumbbells and check that one out on your next try!

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3 Responses to “10-Minute Back, Bicep, Tricep Workout 2”


    Play Video 10-Minute Back, Bicep, Tricep Workout 2 - I am going to try this one for my back.

  2. Becki Nocks

    That felt great! Good to do a little something different.

  3. Jannine Allen

    Wow, that made me really feel 55. This will be a regular daily for me until I can advance. :)

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