Shelley Hawkins

10-Minute Chest and Shoulder Workout 1

Shelley Hawkins
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Duration:   10  mins

Ready for a great upper body? Challenge yourself with this chest and shoulder workout that can be done right at home. Grab some weights as we lead you through this 10-minute routine. You know how great shapely shoulders can look, but you also know that a strong upper body will get your through the day. Picking things up, carrying things around and pushing things are part of your daily activities. Staying strong keeps you moving with ease and maintains your independence long into your future. Not only that, but sexy, sculpted shoulders look awesome too!

Just like our 10-Minute Bicep, Tricep and Shoulder workout, in this video GHUTV trainer Shelly Hawkins will take your through some basic strength moves that build muscle in the upper body without building bulk. This is about being sculpted and toned. Right off the bat Shelly gets you down for unique push-up that gets this chest and shoulder workout started off the right way. Push-ups are definitely the king of all chest exercises. Then you’ll move right into an army crawl exercise that works not just chest and shoulders but incorporates your core body muscles too!

You’ll find all of these moves simple enough to follow, but challenging enough to keep you thinking and keep you focused – big time! The shoulder exercises are designed to build strength in your shoulders and help you avoid future injury that so often occurs in the shoulders. Whether everyday routines or exercising with bad form, shoulders are vulnerable. If you have any issues with your shoulders, check out these exercises for shoulder pain.

The best part of this chest and shoulder workout is that is only takes 10 minutes out of your day. You don’t need to carve out an hour to get your workout in. Squeeze in 10 minutes at a time and it won’t take long to see progress! Take a look around GHU TV for more free 10-minute workouts!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute Chest and Shoulder Workout 1”

  1. Rose Chiu

    I used a pair of 7 lbs weights, and it was challenging enough. Hoping I will feel strong the next time I do this. That plank sequence was hard on my because it's difficult to hold myself up, but i modified by being on my knees and elbow, although I could tell that was too easy. All in all, it was a good quick workout.

  2. Cyan Minore

    As a beginner, I found it difficult to hold the moves. I should have watched the video first, so I would know the positions. My arms really feel it!

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