JC Lippold

10-Minute Functional Strength

JC Lippold
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Duration:   10  mins

Are you ready to move your body in a way that makes sense? Functional strength is just that kind of movement! Put down the dumbbells and set aside the other fancy equipment, because this 10-minute functional strength exercise is the simple but effective workout you need!

Sometimes we are so busy looking for a crazy-intense workout that we forget how valuable it can be to move our bodies without the impediment of all the fitness equipment we are used to enjoying. The truth is that all day long, our bodies need to experience that kind of movement, so putting it into practice in a workout can make you a healthier and more fit person overall.

Functional strength is the ability to move your joints through a full range of motion. During this 10-minute functional strength workout, GHUTV coach JC Lippold will take you through moves that use body weight to increase your range of motion in a smart way. After a one-minute warm up, you will perform four movements: two for the lower body and two for the upper body.

The type of training JC shows involves performing against your own body resistance. By doing so, the improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of these movements that will improve not only your workouts, but your everyday life activities as well. Walk-out planks, push-ups, and front lunges are all part of the plan! Simple, but effective. Modifications, both easier and harder, are provided so you’ll be able to tailor the workout to your needs.

Another great part of this 10-Minute Functional Strength workout is the core activation that takes place. Not only will you improve your upper- and lower-body strength, but your core muscles are going to be engaged the entire time in ways that are far more effective than crunches and sit-ups. If you’re looking for another great low-impact workout, check out our 10-Minute No Jumping Strength Workout!

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One Response to “10-Minute Functional Strength”

  1. Cheryl Zimmerman

    Omg what a workout for 10. .my wrist gave me a little fit But sweated my butt off. It seems to find my weak points of my hips and thoracic spine. I’m 68 and have done lots of hard work I’m a nurse and owing a barn . Plus falls off my horses. Have now seem to caught up with me . A true test of what I need to work on .

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