10-Minute No Jumping Strength

Duration: 15:01

If you are looking for a low impact but high results workout, then this workout is for you! In just 10-minutes this no jumping strength workout that will focus on strength training form and control while staying low impact on the joints. For this workout – all you will need are a set of light and medium/ heavy sets of dumbbells. Trainer Sam Cameranesi will be using 8 lb and 12 lb dumbbells throughout today’s workout.

In this 10-Minute workout, trainer Sam Cameranesi will walk you through the basic movements of each move first. As soon as you’ve spent some time perfecting the movement, you will add another movement onto the base move that requires more muscle groups. For example, starting with the lower body – your basic squat. The basic squat then becomes a squat into a lunge (forward or reverse, you get to decide). But don’t worry you’re not quite done there, building again one more time, this exercise will become a squat into a lunge with an overhead press. That’s right, the final progression becomes a total body movement that also includes more core engagement.

This no jumping strength workout is a total body workout. Trainer Sam will work each body part to fatigue. Starting with a lower body progression, you’ll fatigue the quads and glutes before moving onto an upper body series. Once the upper body has been fatigued and worked a few different muscle groups, it’s time to hit the lower body in a whole new way! Upper body will be worked again and then of course we will end with a little bit of core work. But don’t be fooled, the end isn’t the only time you are getting core and abdominal work. Throughout this workout when you’re working single-sided movements with the dumbbell you are forced to use your core muscles to find balance.

Throughout this low impact strength training, the goal is to focus on proper form and alignment to ensure proper engagement and use of the muscles. While staying low impact on the joints, you will be surprised to see how high you can get your heart rate up! Just like that in just 10-minutes you are going to work up a good sweat and feel the burn (in a good way!) without doing a single plyometric movement!

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