Kate Laing

10-Minute Mini Exercise Ball Basics

Kate Laing
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Duration:   10  mins

If you are ready for a tight, flat belly and strong thighs and glutes, this 10-minute beginner mini-ball workout is going to be your new best friend! In just 10 short minutes you are going to feel how small, subtle moves with the mini exercise ball can make a big difference throughout your entire core. Don’t have a mini exercise ball? Grab a rolled-up towel, small pillow or even a yoga block as a substitute. However, the mini exercise ball is a fantastic and inexpensive item to have in your workout tool box!

In this short 10-minute workout, trainer Kate Laing is going to give you some basic moves you can do with that little squishy ball. First you’ll place it behind your back for a whole different feel to your wall squats. Then you’re down on the floor squeezing it between your inner thighs adding dimension to your bridge, and placing it behind your shoulder blades for a more manageable and yet still intense ab crunch. And those are just to name a few! You’ll be shocked at how much you tone and work in just 10 minutes. The key is the small, subtle moves that Kate coaches you through. Nothing is big or fast, but rather slow, controlled and oh so effective. Too often we believe that bigger and faster is better. In truth, these slow controlled movements get you to feel the muscles you are working and by paying more attention you end up engaging far more muscle use than you would if you were blasting out some fast reps.

This mini ball exercise program is a great low impact workout you can do anytime, anywhere. Use it as a stand-alone workout when 10 minutes is all you have to spare, or tack it on to the end of a long walk or other cardio exercise to get a complete workout! Or check out our GHUTV video “Cardio Pilates with the Sponge Ball” for more!

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