10-Minute Resistance Band Tone-Up

Sheila Chenier
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Duration:   12  mins

Are you ready to switch up your strength training routine? Resistance bands may be the way to go to change up your workout routine. This total-body workout will use the band to create resistance for both the upper and lower body. Also challenging your core and stability, Sheila will lead you through exercises that will tone your entire body from head to toe!

In this 10-minute resistance band workout, Sheila will take you through lower-body exercises such as resistance band steps, banded leg lifts, and squats to tone up your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Each lower-body exercise done throughout this resistance workout will remain low-impact on the joints. Perfect for beginners and regulars, this routine will have you feeling strong and lean. It’s all about picking a colored band that challenges you.

Transitioning from the lower body to the upper body, Sheila will motivate you through resistance banded rows, front raises, tennis pulls, and tricep overhead extensions. Burning out each muscle group using holds and pulses to activate deeper into the muscle, Sheila will give you modifications and amplifications to make it your own workout! Throughout this low-impact resistance band training, the goal is to focus on proper alignment and utilize extra core strength throughout movements. While staying low impact on the joints, you will be surprised to feel every muscle group.

In this video trainer Sheila will give you cues on form. She will instruct you how to hold the band throughout movements to make it easier or harder just by where you grab the band. You will stay low impact on the joints and your muscles will sure be feeling strong and toned. Just like that, in just 10-minute you are going to work up a good sweat and challenge yourself with some new moves using just the resistance from the band.

Put down the dumbbells and switch it up with this 10-minute resistance band workout to tone your entire body!

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3 Responses to “10-Minute Resistance Band Tone-Up”

  1. Julia

    What a great 10-minute workout! Putting it in with my favorites! Thank you, Sheila!

  2. Patricia R Seaton

    I have the wrong type of band but I did what I could with it. I’ll buy one like yours because I like what these exercises do!

  3. Dana Ferris

    First time ever trying a resistance band workout. I broke the band about nine minutes into it! Maybe I’m just not cut out for this particular thing...

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