Shannon Tietz

10 Minute Sculpted Shoulders Workout

Shannon Tietz
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Duration:   11  mins

Get ready to strengthen and sculpt your shoulders in this quick workout led by trainer Shannon Tietz. Shannon will work all 3 heads of your shoulders. You’ll preform enough repetitions of each exercise to reach muscle fatigue. Strong shoulders look sexy but also serve a purpose. You need strong shoulder to lift things overhead and reach, lift, push and pull. In addition, if you like working your upper body, check out our 10-minute Tank Top Arms and 10-minute Push Pull workout.

Level: All levels
Equipment: Medium and light dumbbells, mat
Instructor: Shannon Tietz

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One Response to “10 Minute Sculpted Shoulders Workout”

  1. Ana Barbara Forjaz

    How much do the green, blue and black wheights weigh?

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