Kate Laing

10-Minute Strength Workout for Beginners

Kate Laing
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Duration:   11  mins

If you are ready to finally move forward with some strength training and muscle sculpting, this 10-minute strength workout for beginners is the perfect place for you to start. These basic but challenging strength moves will get your body heated, your muscles strong and your heart pumping. This workout not only teaches you how to build muscle in your body, but helps improve your metabolism by creating more energy for your body to utilize all day long! Even if you aren’t a beginner but you’re looking for a solid 10-minute strength workout just choose some heavier weights and join in! You’ll still get a great challenge.

In this 10-minute strength workout trainer Kate Laing shows you how to perform simple strength moves properly. Kate will teach you good form for your whole body. Proper form is crucial for avoiding injury and maximizing your results. Strength training is an important part of overall wellness, especially as we age. Strong muscles not only help us look better (and younger!) but they protect your joints and your bones helping you stand taller and stay injury-free.

Pick up any size weights you want depending on your strength and ability. Kate is using five pound weights as she leads you through the program, but she encourages you to go heavier if you need more. As you get stronger you can increase the weights and keep improving. In our 10-minute strength workout your legs will get stronger with squats and curtsy lunges. Your arms will be sculpted doing shoulder presses, bicep curls and tricep extensions. You’ll even strengthen and sculpt your back with mid-back rows. Most of the exercise combinations work two muscle groups at once, making this workout not only an amazing calorie burner but super time efficient as well! Full body in 10-minutes? Perfect! More perfect? Follow this workout with our 10-Minute Total Body Stretch!

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8 Responses to “10-Minute Strength Workout for Beginners”

  1. Victoria Costello

    Where's the equipment list for this exercise?


    This looks like a great workout. I have knee and joint issues, and I am afraid the curtsy lunges may cause an injury. Do you have a recommendation for modifying this move? Thanks!

  3. CYAN

    Loved the workout. Glad it was only 10 minutes because my muscles are shaking.

  4. Susan hurst

    Can't get video to play, watching on Samsung note 10.

  5. Pauline Doolette-Cox

    Cant get it to play

  6. Sabrina Thomas

    I really enjoyed this quick weight workout. I worked with 5s and 8s. I loved the instructor also.

  7. Wendy Lindberg

    Thought it was free

  8. Kate Lawn

    Why wont it play !?

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