Leah Zahner

10-Minute Total Body Stretch 2

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   12  mins

Cooling down from a run? Feeling tight from yesterday’s workout? Just need a break in the long workday? Then this 10-minute stretch routine is the perfect thing for you. It’s the perfect way to unwind and loosen tight muscles while at the same time helping to improve posture and flexibility.

So many people skip the stretch after a workout and yet studies show that those who stretch are more effective in their workouts because they can achieve a larger range of motion. In addition, people who stretch are less prone to injury. Exercise tightens your muscles and connective tissue, but so does being sedentary. Everyone needs this amazing 10-minute stretch routine.

Join trainer Leah Zahner as she shows you the moves, helps you find proper form and teaches you how to fix common stretching mistakes. Tight hamstrings? It’s covered. Tight hip flexors? Got that too! Sore lower back? Yup! In just 10 minutes you’ll go through each of the most common tight spots in the body and get some relief. Most people know that a good trainer can really help you achieve a more effective workout but often this fact is overlooked when it comes to stretching. However, it might be even more important when you stretch to have someone showing you how to turn your hips or lengthen your spine in just the right way. This well help not only prevent injury and find a truly effective way to stretch rather than wasting time in a position that won’t help you.

Perhaps the most common reason people skip the stretch is a lack of time. After investing precious minutes into a hard workout it can be a challenge to find even more time to stretch. That’s what makes this video so awesome. Right in the comfort of your own home you can get everything taken care of in just a 10-minute stretch. No time at home? Take a 10-minute break in the workday and get some quick office stretches. Pair this with our Total Body Stretch 1 video for even more ideas!

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6 Responses to “10-Minute Total Body Stretch 2”

  1. Rose Chiu

    Love Leah's calming voice in this video. I also had problems with the pigeon pose, but I was REALLY tight, which is why I chose this video. Most of it was on the lower body. Upper body was more the arm stretches, but I also really needed those... didn't realize how tight my upper body was until then!

  2. CYAN

    I used this stretch after a workout and it’s great. I particularly liked how Leah got us into pigeon pose!

  3. Debra Malone

    Great stretches and I love how well Leah explains how to do each one!

  4. Vanessa LaBranche

    Love it! This was perfect for me as I don't do stretching enough in my fitness routine. Will practice more often with this video to provide more flexibility for myself. Also, great mellow music perfect for this routine!

  5. Kelly

    Great lower body stretch!

  6. aherpel

    I wouldn't consider thus a full body stretch. More like lower body. I was looking for upper body too. Plus for those of us who yoga was not a good thing, these are too much like yoga stretches without a warm up. Not good. Very disappointed in thus video.

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