Lindsey Bomgren

10-Minute Upper Body HIIT Workout

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   11  mins


Want a killer workout? Got 10 minutes? This upper body HIIT workout is the perfect solution. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to sweat. In just 10 minutes you will strengthen and sculpt your arms while torching calories with some killer cardio intervals! High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to be the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, increase your metabolism and burn both fat and calories. The good news is that hiit can be done in many different ways. This time you get the double benefit of training and upper body strength too! Once you’ve had success with this check out our Total Body HIIT Workout and get the full results!


Grab a pair of dumbbells and follow Lindsey Bomgren as she takes you through this series of HIIT interval bursts designed to get you breathing heavy followed by an upper body strength move to tone your shoulders, biceps, triceps and more. Each move will last 45 seconds with 15 seconds to rest in between. In this upper body HIIT workout you will experience moves like single and double shoulder presses, around-the-world bicep curls and some great tricep work. Jumping jack dumbbell presses start you off for cardio with other equally creative moves to come later! 8-10 pound dumbbells are great choices for starting out.


HIIT is the ultimate gift to the multi-tasker. You get more done in less time by getting your heart rate pumping and torching calories while you simultaneously build muscle and sculpt your entire upper body.

This HIIT and upper body workout is a no-nonsense, down-to-business workout that will leave you feeling completely accomplished in just 10 minutes. Get your cardio, get your strength, and get on with life. Our upper body HIIT workout uses upper body focused exercises that will challenge your muscles to fatigue and effectively shape your shoulders and arms. Lindsey will provide plenty of motivation and modifications as she encourages you to stay upbeat until the very end. Want more? Explore even more HIIT videos on Get Healthy U TV.

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