Lindsey Bomgren

10-Minute All About the Upper Body Workout

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   11  mins

Are you ready for an amazing upper body? Grab some dumbbells and join us for this fun upper body workout that will get it all done including your upper back, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders in just 10 minutes! No cardio, no lunges, no burpees, just pure upper body strength to help you sculpt and tone for a stronger, more beautiful you. It’s all about the upper body! If you love the idea of a 10-minute workout we have more 10-minute workouts for you!

Join GHU trainer Lindsey Bomgren as she takes you through this upper body workout using simple moves that are put together to pack a punch. Bicep curls, tricep presses, chest flies and mid-back rows are just a few of the things you’ll do to see results! Check this out: you will do two amazing upper body moves back to back, and then combine those two moves as a “finisher”. Talk about feeling the burn! You are definitely going to feel this upper body workout when you are done. Think about it: take a bicep curl, follow with a shoulder press, then combine the two as a finisher. If “challenge means change” then you are going to see some change after this fantastic challenge. Want upper body with a little cardio too? Then check out this Upper Body Hiit Workout.

Strength training is a key factor in overall fitness and increasing your metabolism. Put simply: muscle matters. Muscle is active tissue at work in your body burning calories all day long so when you add to your strength, you add to your metabolism. This upper body workout will build on the muscle in your upper body not only for a better metabolism, but also for that lean, sculpted look you want. If you love it, make sure you also try to build upper body strength with yoga!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute All About the Upper Body Workout”

  1. Heather Hennen

    Great quick upper body. I used 10#. Goal is to work up to 12#.

  2. LISA

    Love it

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