Shelley Hawkins

Barre Burn 2

Shelley Hawkins
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Duration:   35  mins

You have probably heard the phrase “feel the burn.” If you really want to know what that means, jump in and join our Barre Burn 2 workout! Using basic ballet moves combined with small weights, super concentrated squeezing in the body, and a healthy dose of athleticism, you will not only “feel the burn” when you are doing the work, but you’ll also notice happy, sore muscles the next day or two as well! Best of all, this whole workout is low impact!

This Barre Burn 2 workout is friendly for all ages and body types and really lends itself to those who want to work hard without so much jumping around. Barre workouts are based on the basic moves of ballet but don’t worry if you’ve never danced before. No dance training necessary! Just jump in and learn as you go.

GHUTV trainer Shelley Hawkins along with Sam Cam and Chaz will guide you through this amazing workout teaching you everything you need to know about your body positions and how to achieve the results you are looking for. All you need is a mat, light set of weights—3 lbs works for us—and a pilates ball or rolled up towel. And if you want to just come with your body and leave the weights behind, you’ll still feel that burning sensation as your muscles move you through the positions.

First you begin by learning the key positions used in ballet and barre. This initial practice of the basic moves will help you focus on good form—the key to everything you’ll do in Barre Burn 2! Then through a series of combining these movements and adding in the weights you are on your way to results! If you are looking for this style with some extra cardio added check out our Low Impact Barre Cardio Workout!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Light Dumbells, Mini Ball, Mat
Instructor: Shelley Hawkins

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