Lindsey Bomgren

Low Impact Barre Cardio Workout

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   10  mins


This 10-minute low impact barre cardio workout is designed to help you tone and tighten your legs, butt and core while getting your heart pumping and calories burning. Using nothing but bodyweight, we keep it simple but effective drawing from the foundation of barre training known for it’s amazing results. Adding a splash of low impact cardio helps to get your heart rate up without putting extra stress on your joints or leaving you in pain.


Follow Lindsey Bomgren through this barre cardio workout as she takes you through simple, but effective moves to tone you up with a nice boost of cardio to get your heart going! Lindsey guides you through an amazing plank series to start things off and give you a tight, strong core! Next up are moves for your thighs and glutes like a squat and lunge series with a plié heel lift for inner thighs and calves. Lindsey’s energy is infectious so you’re sure to have fun while you work! And remember, it is all entirely low impact. No pounding on your joints or connective tissue. All low impact, all effective. No jumping needed! Once you’ve conquered this barre cardio workout step it up a notch and challenge yourself to our high intensity barre cardio workout!


No one has an abundance of time leftover in the day. With a busy life it can be challenging to find time for a workout. We’ve designed this barre cardio workout to get the job done in 10 minutes. We also kept it simple using no equipment – only bodyweight! This saves time and money on purchasing and locating equipment. On days you find yourself with a little more room in your schedule, check our any of our other barre videos and enjoy some new moves.

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2 Responses to “Low Impact Barre Cardio Workout”

  1. Robin

    Quick & very effective.


    fun and quick

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