Sam Cameranesi

Circuits in 6 #2

Sam Cameranesi
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Duration:   27  mins

Get ready for round two of Circuits in 6. This full-body circuit workout led by trainer Sam Cameranesi incorporates both strength and cardio to sculpt muscles and burn calories. This workout utilizes athletic based moves involving plyometrics and dumbbells to give you maximum results.

Circuits in 6 is quick and effective for those of you looking for a shorter workout that will make an impact. This full-body circuit workout is high-energy and takes you through six exercises in a row for one minute each. With one minute of rest in between rounds, you will repeat a total of 3 rounds. All exercises are multi-muscle group moves, incorporating strength and balance. You will increase your heart rate as a result of repetition and pace.

As mentioned, this full-body circuit workout is time-based, so you aren’t counting repetitions and you can focus on the exercises and your form. You’ll do deadlifts, squats, shoulder presses, plank walks, skater hops, and a few other intense moves. Before you know it, you’ll be dripping in sweat and your workout will be done! This full-body circuit workout is quick and effective, and it targets all muscle groups.

Circuits are a favorite tool for our GHUTV squad. Circuits involve a series of exercises performed in a row with little rest in between. They challenge your muscles and push your heart rate up. Sam will encourage you to move at your own pace and use good form with full range of motion. Modifications are given so you can keep it low impact and everyone can be successful.

If you like this circuit workout, be sure to try out version 1 of Circuits in 6!

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Equipment: Medium to Heavy Dumbbells , Mat
Instructor: Sam Cameranesi

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