Lindsey Bomgren

GHUTV LIVE! Keeping on Track with Your Fitness Goals

Lindsey Bomgren
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Chris Freytag and Lindsey Bomgren provide tips and tricks to stay on track this summer.

Summertime (especially if you live in Minnesota like we do) means grilling season, being outdoors as much as possible, wedding season, summer vacations and so much more! During the summers we tend to book ourselves with so many different activities, but how much are we focusing on health and fitness?

Does anyone else feel that during the summer months they tend to eat out more, enjoy patio happy hours, and aren’t getting as much strength training workouts in as they did during the winter months? While this might hold true for a lot of people, Chris is here to let you know that it does not need to be this way and she can help you stay on track even during the summer months.

AND – since June, July and August are also big wedding months, we’ve got something fun for you! I mean how many of you have invitations falling off your fridge?! Whether you are the bride yourself, mother/grandmother of the bride/groom, a bridesmaid or just someone attending a wedding this summer, we all want to look good in that dress! And Chris has JUST THE THING FOR YOU!! A FREE 28-day Bridal Bootcamp Calendar to follow the months leading up to the special day! Click here to download!

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