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Healthy Tuna Salad

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Duration:   1 mins

Looking for healthy snacks that won’t weigh you down? We’ve got the perfect protein-packed snack to make post-workout. These turmeric tuna boats pack a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving and have only 260 calories, making them the ideal way to fuel up without feeling weighed down. Plus, the entire recipe takes only a few minutes to make, saving you time while still being a delicious and healthy alternative to packaged snacks or treats.

You’ll start by preparing the healthy tuna salad, mixing the tuna, hummus, cherry tomatoes, turmeric, and broccoli slaw. Combine and place the mixture on sliced red peppers, garnishing with chopped basil if desired. The crisp texture of the red peppers with the flavorful and healthy tuna salad that’s on top is a winning combo that’s satisfying and delicious. Plus, the broccoli slaw and turmeric give these tuna boats plenty of flavor.

Tuna is so healthy in and of itself—it’s full of omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for heart health. Combined with red peppers, broccoli slaw and cherry tomatoes, you get three servings of veggies in this snack too! The turmeric in this recipe adds even more great health benefits. For one, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, calming down inflammation in the body which can help you recover from injury or joint pain faster. It also helps boost your immune system, and has known anti-cancer properties.

This is one snack that’s not only packed with nutrients and protein, but will keep you satisfied after your workouts. You don’t need to spend hours preparing healthy meals when you have fresh and simple ideas like this one. This healthy tuna salad recipe is bursting with nutrition, protein, and deliciousness! Give it a try today!

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One Response to “Healthy Tuna Salad”

  1. Teresa Burris

    Where are the instructions for the broccoli slaw?

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