JC Lippold

Mindful Yoga

JC Lippold
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Duration:   30  mins

How often do you search for a workout that is mindful? So often we rush to find the biggest calorie burn or the thing that might sculpt our muscles the most. And yet in your rush through life, your body is like a precious vase. As beautiful as it might be, it can also break if you don’t learn to take care of it and to connect your mind and body together, truly listening to what it needs.

This mindful yoga practice will be a series of physical movements that make you strong and more flexible. Beyond the physical benefits of this mindful yoga, you will experience a calm throughout your entire being and feel your stress begin to melt away.

Get Healthy U TV coach JC Lippold will guide you through this mindful yoga while reminding you that YOU are your best teacher. Sheila and Sam Cam join JC to show you how each and every body expresses the same practice differently.

If yoga is your sweet spot, you are going to LOVE this mindful yoga practice! For others who prefer plyometrics, jumping, running, and pushing through hard-core workouts, yoga might be just what you’ve been missing! It can be a challenge in itself to slow down and connect your mind and body through thoughtful movement. If you are new to yoga, feel free to check out our yoga pose tutorial for a quick lesson before you practice!

We think you are going to LOVE this practice after you feel your body take time to heal and connect to your breath. Closed-mouth breathing is a good way to build heat within and produce a deeper breathing practice. Breathing is a huge part of making this yoga a mindful practice! Best of all, you will be reminded that you are not your thoughts, but you are the influencer of them. All of this reminds us to practice our gratitude. We know you are going to love this yoga!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Towel, Mat
Instructor: JC Lippold

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