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Pistachio and Cranberry Chocolate Bark Recipe

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Duration:   1 mins

If you’re looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, try this chocolate bark recipe! Just a few simple steps are all it takes to make this decadent treat with just three ingredients: dark chocolate, pistachios, and dried cranberries. If you’ve never made bark before, don’t worry! It’s incredibly easy and tastes delicious. It makes for the perfect healthy treat to enjoy, and it’s got an amazing crunch and texture that everyone will enjoy.

One serving has just 135 calories and is full of texture and sweet chocolate flavor! In moderation, dark chocolate is heart-healthy and full of antioxidants, making it a healthy way to treat yourself that still tastes rich and delicious. The cranberries in this sweet dessert are also full of antioxidants, and the pistachios provide a healthy source of protein. This chocolate bark recipe is perfect to make any time of year but makes for a particularly festive treat around the holidays. It’s also a great snack to make if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to sabotage a day of healthy eating with calorie-laden cakes or candy bars.

Be sure to let this recipe cool completely before breaking apart and serving. (Getting to break apart the bark might be the most fun part of making this delicious chocolate treat!) You could even change up this chocolate bark recipe to include different nuts or fruits if you want to experiment with new combinations. Maybe dried blueberries and almonds? You shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of dessert in order to be fit. You can certainly enjoy desserts, and this chocolate bark recipe is just one way to treat yourself to something that’s both delicious and good for you.

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