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Southwestern Sweet Pepper Healthy Nachos Recipe

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We’re all about making healthy swaps when they make sense: gluten-free baking, trying to eat less sugar, etc. But we’re also realistic: we know you want to make things that taste good and you can proudly serve to your family or guests without hesitation. We’ve found that healthy appetizers—whether for game day or any day—are some of the trickiest recipes to find.

If you’ve hit a rut in your appetizer routine and want to feel healthy while still offering something delicious, we’ve got just the thing for you – a healthy nachos recipe. Once we discovered it, it totally changed our game—after you try them, you might never look at nachos the same way, either!

We’ve been making these southwestern sweet pepper nachos for years now, and they never fail to deliver. This is a healthy nachos recipe that’s crowd-pleasing and perfect for game day get-togethers. They’re also easy enough to make as a late-night snack that won’t send you to bed feeling overly full. All you need are four red bell peppers and some other simple ingredients like cheese, sour cream, salsa, and green onion. You’ll also need a baking sheet and a knife to cut the red bell peppers into tortilla chip-shaped triangles.

Most nacho recipes leave us feeling bloated and like we’ve overindulged, but not this healthy nachos recipe! We never thought peppers could be used in place of tortilla chips, but now we can’t imagine making nachos any other way. In this short video, Chris will show you how to make this healthy nachos recipe at home.

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One Response to “Southwestern Sweet Pepper Healthy Nachos Recipe”

  1. Carol

    They look delicious. I'm thinking about substituting thin sliced sweet potatoes instead of peppers, but may need to microwave them before broiling to get them soft enough.

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