Tread and Shred – Interval Walk 2

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Duration: 21:44

Treadmill walking, and walking in general, will help you to build your cardiovascular endurance and torch some extra calories. By incorporating both increases in speed and incline, you are incorporating resistance training throughout your walk. By adding in resistance (such as incline) it’s another way to increase your metabolism while also toning muscles throughout the entire back side of your body!

This interval walking workout will alternate between short bursts of speed and incline increases, with 1 minute to recover back at a flat and even road. While the working interval is in total 3 minutes in length, it will go by quickly as trainer Chris Freytag throws in her positive encouragement with some motivational pushes throughout the 3 minutes. As you work your way up the hill there will always be a recovery push at the bottom of the hill to allow time to regain your breath and get ready to work again.

Make sure to modify the speed and incline to your fitness level. While trainer Chris will call out advised speeds or levels of incline, feel free to take this interval walk at your own pace. If you prefer to skip the incline go for it! Remember this is your 20-minute workout and we want you coming off of the tread stronger and more energized than when you first stepped on the tread!

What To Expect In This Workout:

  • – 3 Minute Warm-Up
  • – Walking Interval
  • – 3 to 1 – Interval Efforts, broken down into 4 separate 4-minute efforts:
    • * Minute 1 – Flat Incline
    • * Minute 2 – Increase Incline
    • * Minute 3 – Increase Speed and Increase Incline
    • * Minute 4 – Recovery – Incline comes back down to a flat road.
  • – Cool Down

Before you know it the 4 working treadmill intervals will be over (not without a finisher) and you will be well on your way. Don’t forget that this 20-minute workout is to take your normal interval walk to the next level. Trainer Chris Freytag will encourage and lead you through each interval and will have you leaving your tread feeling accomplished and proud.

To complete your interval walking workout, take a few extra minutes to cool down with a 10-minute Yoga Stretch! Remember, yes you can!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Treadmill
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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