Fitness Retreats with Get Healthy U TV

Get Healthy U TV Fitness Retreats combine the passion for staying active with an opportunity to experience incredible sightseeing and excursions all over the world! A trainer from Get Healthy U TV will travel with each tour and lead the group in fun workouts and health workshops. On this page you will find information about our upcoming tours. We would love for you to join us at our next destination!

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7 Responses to “Fitness Retreats with Get Healthy U TV”

  1. Nichole Drayton

    Is there a retreat in the making for 2021?

  2. Deborah Charlton

    On Facebook there is a sponsor ad that gives your membership for $3 for the first year. Trying to figure out if it is legit. Thanks


    How was the Bali Retreat ??

  4. Jeannette Kaufmann

    When is the next retreat?

  5. Kelly Savage

    Do you have a price for this package yet? Being over 50 and just starting again will this be something that I can participate it? Will there be any classes on nutrition? Thank you Kelly

  6. Joanne DiNardo

    What level will the fitness part of the program be ?

  7. ellenandlaura

    How big will the group be that goes on this trip? What is the maximum number of people?