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Whole Body Reset

Keep your momentum going by working out with Get Healthy U TV for the next 30 days. I have picked 12 workouts for you to try- spread them out over the course of a month! These workouts are a small selection of what Get Healthy U TV has to offer. I have chosen these for you because they will give you strength, cardio and recovery workouts as well as variety so you can create a program that feels right for you! There are a few beginner and a few more advanced workouts so you can mix and match based on your fitness level. Be sure to save or bookmark this page to access your daily workouts.

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14-Day Meditation Challenge

Learning how to meditate may actually be easier than you think. This 14-day meditation challenge will help you begin your journey and cultivate a daily habit. During these two weeks, the meditations are designed to progress, starting with 5 minutes and gradually lengthening in time. The first week focuses on the tools and techniques; practicing…

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Fitness Retreats with Get Healthy U TV

Get Healthy U TV Fitness Retreats combine the passion for staying active with an opportunity to experience incredible sightseeing and excursions all over the world! A trainer from Get Healthy U TV will travel with each tour and lead the group in fun workouts and health workshops. On this page you will find information about our upcoming tours. We would love for you to join us at our next destination!

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How to Stream GHUTV Workouts to Your TV Using Roku

STEP 1 From the Home screen on your Roku device, select “Streaming Channels” to open the Channel Store. STEP 2 Select “Search Channels” and enter “Get Healthy U TV.” STEP 3 Select the “Get Healthy U TV” channel and then click “Add Channel.” The Get Healthy U TV channel should now appear in the list…

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Accessing Downloads on iPhone or iPad

Most Apple devices use the iTunes library to store media files and then associated players to play the media (music, movies, etc.). 1. In order to get the downloads to your iPhone/iPad, you will need to add the files to your iTunes library on your computer. (Purchasing downloads can be done on any device.) 2.…

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How to Stream GHUTV Workouts to Your TV Using Apple TV

First connect your Apple TV to your television with an HDMI cable. Then, on your Apple device, select the AirPlay icon on the menu bar. Under “Connect to AirPlay Display,” choose your Apple TV. The AirPlay icon will turn blue, and your desktop or screen will be displayed on your television. Start your video, and click on full screen mode to make the video larger on your TV. Now you’re ready to work out!

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