GHUTV LIVE! December 2016

Thanks for tuning in to the December GHUTV LIVE Q&A session with Chris Freytag. Chris answered viewers health and fitness questions live on air! Stay tuned for next month’s session! See you then!

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24 Responses to “GHUTV LIVE! December 2016”

  1. Kristin

    I would like to lose 20 pounds by May 2017. I would say my level is avg when it comes to working out. What is the best workout to start before Christmas. Also, you are on Apple TV do you see being on Roku or Amazon Fire stick?

  2. Sherry

    I enjoying exercising but keeping a consistent schedule has become a chore. Please help!

  3. Ruth

    I am 57 years old and would like to begin strength training but do not know where to begin or how much to even lift..

  4. Dawn

    I missed the first 30 minutes due to work... Is there a way to hear first 30 minutes?


    You mention tumeric often. I have just started using it everyday. But how much should I be using a day?

  6. Alice

    Thank you for all your recommendations and reminders and all you do for us!

  7. Joy

    I'm in my early 50s and my body shape has changed over night. I'm frustrated and trying to get my groove on.

  8. Donna Onken

    Is the coconut oil you use on your body the same coconut oil you can cook with?

  9. Connie

    What do you think about the stomach vacuum exercise?

  10. Tina

    I eat a healthy diet but my splurge is a nice glass of wine or dark beer. Do you have a number of drinks you try to stick to for a week? Thanks! BTW-Roxy is super cute and I have two dogs who always bark on my conference calls. :)