GHUTV LIVE! May 2016

Thanks for tuning in to May’s GHUTV LIVE Q&A session with Chris Freytag where she answered your health and fitness questions live on air! In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here. Stay tuned for next month’s session! See you then!

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58 Responses to “GHUTV LIVE! May 2016”
  1. Lori

    Hi! Just joined this month or late last month. I have a question. I have bad knees, well… they work fine and bend, I just have pain while doing lunges. Does she have suggestions for that? Alternative moves, maybe not lunging as low. Thank you 🙂

  2. Julie Krinke
    Julie Krinke

    With your help, I’ve lost over 30 pounds since joining at the beginning of March. Hoping for another 20. No questions tonight, just tuning in for more motivation. Thank you to you and your staff for everything! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Audrey Butler
    Audrey Butler

    I’m 55 and for over 5 years I’ve been struggeling to lose body fat. I strength train M,W,F, and I do steady cardio T, thurs, Sat. Some days I kayak or cycle. I’m full of energy and vigor, healthy. I just keep getting bigger. Last Seca Body Scan I was up 4.5% muscle and lost 1.5 lbs – in the 3 months time. I started Weight Watchers again, as I tend to not eat enough. I recently starting cutting down on starchy carbs all together. Now they suggest less fruit – although I only have two servings a day. I way more than frustrated! I don’t want to get bigger still, but I don’t want to give up my lifting. Any ideas?

  4. Gigi

    I would like to know if in fact it’s true that if you workout out fasting it eats at Up your muscle mass and not fat?

  5. Deb Ode
    Deb Ode

    Can you give some suggestions on exercise/diet to fight post-menopausal (age 57) belly fat? What is the most effective ways to burn belly fat: cardio? strength training? high protein? Thank you for any suggestions.

  6. Shawn

    I was recently diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. My doctors advised me to no longer do any weight training. I have been doing more intense yoga than I was before I was diagnosed. However my results are not the same as i had way more muscle when I was doing weight training and intervals. I am not sure about cardio as my doctors can’t agree and some advise against getting my heart rate too high. Any suggestions on what I can do with body weight only so I won’t lose my muscle I had? It has only been two months and I already notice a difference in my body. So bummed!!! I love yoga but it will take me some time to work up to any weight loss and toning from it since I am going back to basics to really focus on my form before I get into more intermediate yoga. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I miss my weights!!! 🙁

  7. Robin

    I have trouble staying on track. I eat well for a couple of weeks and the fall off track, help!!

  8. Samantha

    What’s the best warm up stretches to do before going on a treadmill?

  9. Samantha

    What’s the best warm up stretches to do before you going on a treadmill

  10. Sheri

    Best way to get rid of water weight- I drink plenty of water but still feel puffy… any foods that are diaretics?

  11. Leslie

    I love cycling but have recently had quite a bit of pain from my IT band. Any suggestions for excersizes to prevent future pain?

  12. barbara hallett
    barbara hallett

    I am in a major slump and need major motivation after a year of major back surgery, losing my job due to facility closing and being out of work and eating my feelings ; ( I used to enjoy cardio and weights but need to start somewhere…

  13. Michelle

    Best ways to work/stretch tight shoulders for people who sit in front of a computer for too long.

  14. Faith

    I had such fun this weekend at SCW – you are adorable and your ball a palooza class was sooooo fun ! Loved your internet and marketing class too !! I am already working on your suggestions ! thank you!! One Question, I don’t see the pic monkey as an app in my iTunes. Is it just a download for my computer ?

  15. LISA

    Hi Chris, would love for you to use PRINCE’S music in one of your exercise videos – not sure of the legalities?. Love your generosity and exercising with you?

  16. kym mcallister
    kym mcallister

    Daughter just had a baby last week, just a few more pounds to go to return to pre-baby weight. What are good exercises to flatten belly and reduce hips. Lots of stitches.

  17. Catherine Anne
    Catherine Anne

    I just had knee replacement surgery 8 days ago but I’m already walking with a cane . What advice do you have for those who are following their PT’s exercises but become frustrated at the long time needed for full recovery from any medical issue?

    • Jonnie

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  18. Samantha

    So I’ve been drinking some weightloss drinks i sell and ive lost 4 pounds this week. What do you think of weightloss drinks?

  19. Laura

    When using a recipe that calls for rolled oatmeal, are there any adjustments to be made if I use steel-cut oats instead?

  20. Kara

    I turned 40 last year and my matobolism has pretty much stopped. How do I rev it up again?

  21. Robin

    My right knee hurts during pigeon pose. How do I do this pose to not hurt my knee or another pose that does the same stretch. I am 53yrs. old, 5’8″ and 153lbs. Love Get Healthy U TV! I was having trouble losing some weight and I have lost 6lbs., increased my strength and endurance and dropped my blood pressure 7 mmhg. Thank you! So excited when a new calendar is posted!!

  22. Lil

    If you work out in the evening will you lose as much weight as you would in the morning?

  23. Kelsey

    Hi Chris! I work out 7 days a week and eat healthy, but I cannot seem to kick the sugar habit. I mindlessly eat sugar after dinner, sometimes until I feel sick. Any tips on how to kick the habit?

  24. susan campbell
    susan campbell

    To burn fat how many days of cardiovascular exercise do you need . I do mix it up spin one day treadmill next and so on but what is a good routine?

  25. Tina

    I think I’m hitting menopause cause I’ve tried everything to lose 10 pounds and I can’t lose it

  26. Rhonda

    What exactly does it mean to “engage your core” when exercising? Thanks!

  27. Larissa

    Hi, Chris! Love your workouts and website! I want to lose 40 lbs of baby weight, but I just started having back spasms yesterday, and I have no idea why. So now I’m wondering what kind of workouts I can do while my back heals. Any suggestions?

  28. Jenette

    How often should a hiit workout be done a week? I’m at a plateau for 8 months and can’t get the last 15 pounds off

  29. stephanie

    Hi chris!! do I get the same benefit doing several 10 minute walks during the day to get in a 30 minute routine? And I hear ya, I love pinapple!

  30. Amanda

    Advice for 40+ women with 40-50 extra lbs for getting in shape without injury.

  31. Chastity

    I just had a full hysterectomy and it threw me into menopause. So i am worried about this menopause belly i keep hearing about. Plus since im 40 is my metabolism going to dive?

  32. Laura

    As I’m losing weight, the skin on my neck is getting baggier, which I feel makes me look older. Is that an area that can be helped by exercise?

  33. Claire

    I know I need to loose 50 pounds and I know what to do I just can’t get started help please

  34. Sarah

    Hi Chris. I get confused about placement of carbs. Is it better to eat carbs before or after an intense workout?

  35. Kathy

    Hi, today on elliptical my heart rate got very high , but I wasn’t working any harder than I did the other day when my HR didn’t get as high. Why is this ?

  36. Maureen Anderson
    Maureen Anderson

    I have fluid build up with stiffness in my knees. It seems permanent but my knees stiffen up more after an aggressive workout. How can I reduce the swelling ? Maybe turmeric?