GHUTV LIVE! March 2016

Thanks for tuning in to March’s GHUTV LIVE Q&A session with Chris Freytag where she answered your health and fitness questions live on air! In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here. Stay tuned for next month’s session! See you then!

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50 Responses to “GHUTV LIVE! March 2016”

  1. ice queen

    I have being exercise for a month now to reduce belly fat I don't see no changes

  2. Charlotte D

    Thank You! I enjoyed the conversations! I will be 60in May! I have been instructing/training for 36yrs April 7! (1980) it has been a crazy fun 36yrs in the fitness profession... have seen things come & go & back again... the people who have crossed in my chapters in my book of life has been a teaching & learning .. & Blessings! again, thank you, xoxo

  3. Lucy

    I am interested in exercises for 75 year old that doesn't like the floor, 5.4" 180lbs. heavest I've ever been.

  4. Christine

    The audio keeps going in and out. Will this broadcast be out on video for later?

  5. Tammy

    Hi Chris - you mention you eat alot of greek yogurt. Is it not recommended to eat the flavored greek yogurts? If you should only do plain - how do you liven up the flavor?

  6. Kathy

    On the topic of grab and go there a granola or protein bar that you recommend?

  7. Suzanne

    Chris, do you use PB2. I am afraid to use regular peanut butter and almond butter

  8. Molly

    Fantastic information and great tips!!

  9. Sandy

    How can you get rid of lower belly fat?

  10. Lisa

    Is unsweetened almond milk better for you than skim milk? I've read that it is not because of the additives it has and because it has less calcium and protein than regular milk. Wondering which is healthier to drink?