Meet Your Instructor: Kate Laing

Kate Laing is a certified Pilates, TRX, and Yoga instructor, and a fitness addict! She has been working as a trainer and group fitness instructor for over a decade, bringing charisma, energy, and a positive attitude with her experience. Kate lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where she trains her private clients and small groups at Lake Minnetonka Pilates. Kate is also a member of Team GHU as a regular contributor. If she’s not in the studio you can find her on the trail running, or mountain biking with her husband and two girls.

Try one of Kate’s free ten minute workouts right now! Diastasis Recti exercises are a great way to strengthen the abdominal muscles that may have separated during pregnancy. This 10 minute workout focuses on safely tightening the core and rebuilding the abdominal wall. Join Kate as she guides you safely through a series of small, controlled movements to build your abdominal strength

Work out with Kate

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4 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Kate Laing”

  1. Debi Stangeland

    Who knew you could get so sore with a dish towel? Thanks Kate!!

  2. Suzanne Jurgens

    Will this work after one( say me) has had 5 kids and the youngest is 18?

  3. Janie

    I so enjoy Kate's workouts. I love her style of gently guiding in all of her workouts. So happy she is one of our GHUTV trainers. Thank you, Kate.

  4. Cathy Bourgeois

    So good