Meet Your Instructor: Leah Zahner

Leah Zahner is a Personal Trainer (NASM Certified), Group Strength Training Coach, and Pure Barre Instructor located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Coming from a strong musical theater background, Leah’s workouts frequently utilize music and rhythm as well as the elements of balance, core integration, and flexibility work that helped her career as a dancer. Leah’s philosophy is that the best workouts are the ones you will actually do, so have some fun, find the things that work for you, and get moving!
Try one of Leah’s free ten minute workouts right now! Looking for a way to get a quick cardio routine done in the comfort of your own home? Join Leah for this 10-minute cardio circuit that will burn calories and leave you feeling accomplished.

Work out with Leah

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4 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Leah Zahner”

  1. Barb

    I miss Leah. Hope she is doing well.

  2. Margaret Schmidt

    Is it possible to add a time count down at the bottom of each video so we can see how much longer the workout is while we are doing it. i.e. 30 minute ————— 0 finished?

  3. LAURA

    Leah’s mobility workout has become a daily workout for me. My body aches so bad and I could see one side had range of motion issues. By doing her mobility class daily I have slowly begun to see an improvement in my joints and ranges of motion. Please film more mobility for us!!

  4. Janie Rodriguez-Roe

    I enjoy Leah’s workouts and the great instructions she provides us. Her core and mobility workout is one of top favorites. 😊💕 Thank you, Leah. 😊