Meet Your Instructor: Chris Freytag

Chris Freytag is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, and Health Coach. She is also Pilates and Yoga trained. Chris has been teaching, training, writing books, and creating DVDs for the past 25 years. Her high energy and approachable personality have helped build her reputation as a nationally known fitness expert among the viewers who watch her weekly TV segments, to the members who jam pack her classes, and to her clients, readers, and fans. She founded Get Healthy U and Get Healthy U TV to make fitness accessible and affordable for everyone and to help people take charge of their health. Chris lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband where they raised their three now-grown kids.

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26 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Chris Freytag”


    Hi Chris. I am feeling unmotivated to workout at home due to limited space and I also have knee pain. How to be consistent and discipline? What are the workout that I can do?

  2. Nitza

    A question for Chris Freytag: I have a Yoga Weight Loss Workout for Dummies DVD. May I purchase an online version of this workout? (maybe via the Itune store or YouTube?


    i have osteopenia and would like to know what exercises I can do or not do

  4. Jeannette Hernández

    Hola Chris, You have no idea how much I relate to your famous phrases such as "Motion is Lotion", Is not perfection, it's progression, etc. Along with that, I definitely enjoyed the classes and I can't wait to retire in June to use the membership more often. Thank you for always modifying the classes and for all the information you provide, along with the great selection of instructors that makes GetHealthyUTV a great source for my health and enjoyment. Muchas gracias. in the future, I would love to see classes in other languages.

  5. Gloria Shannon

    Chris, I am 68 years old…5’2 145 lbs….I am in fairly decent shape for my age, I exercise lightly every day and very active. My problem is I am starting to see a lot of sagging skin especially on my legs. I want to start boosting my exercise routine. I also ordered the trio of organifi drinks. Do you think this will help with the sagging and do you have any recommendations? I have to be careful since I have spinal stenosis but strengthening my core will probably help.

  6. Ruth Schulze

    Hi Chris.. I am a happy healthy 56 yr old. For many years I had back pain due to extremely large breasts. The Dr wouldn't do surgery until I lost 50 lbs. I lost that and 3 years ago I had breast reduction. Since then I have followed a healthy lifestyle by dieting and exercising. I have lost another 50 by eating right and exercising about 5 days a week. I do walk, cardio, spin, HIIT and strength. However these last few months I have been struggling to follow a diet plan, struggling with exercise and struggling with motivation. I canceled my gym membership, made my own home gym and joined your program. Love it so far! I have around 15-20 more lbs to lose. I am feeling disappointed and discouraged with myself. I feel too overwhelmed.. Can you give me advice on how to "start again?" Should I stop exercising? However I don't want to lose what I have worked so hard to accomplish! Please help!

  7. Fatima Muhammad

    Hello coach, I’m a new member and I want an advice on hiw to go about with the workout schedules like which one to begin with?

  8. Kim Dean

    Hi Chris, I want to do cardio but am not sure what my target heart rate should be. I know the formula but I have a rear heart rate of 91bpm and am 63 years old. From what I figure my maximum HR is 157bpm. The low end if my target HR is 102bpm and the high end is 133bpm. I get up to 150bpm or higher with a rate of perceived exertion of 6-7. What range should I shot for?

  9. Lynda Blair

    Chris I want to join you in your workouts. However, I will soon be 76 years old. I have back issues with pain radiating down my legs. At one time I was active in yoga and have been doing classes over the years. My doctor has told me that yoga would be helpful in strengthening my back. Do you have suggestions or recommendations for me to follow you?

  10. Alison Griffitts

    Chris, what shoes do you recommend for an all around hiit, cross and cardio workouts?