Meet Your Instructor: Chris Freytag

Chris Freytag is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, and Health Coach. She is also Pilates and Yoga trained. Chris has been teaching, training, writing books, and creating DVDs for the past 25 years. Her high energy and approachable personality have helped build her reputation as a nationally known fitness expert among the viewers who watch her weekly TV segments, to the members who jam pack her classes, and to her clients, readers, and fans. She founded Get Healthy U and Get Healthy U TV to make fitness accessible and affordable for everyone and to help people take charge of their health. Chris lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband where they raised their three now-grown kids.

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32 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Chris Freytag”
  1. Laura

    Chris, I love your cardio kickboxing workouts. I would love to have a few more–45 minutes or longer. I used to hate exercise, and I look forward to this type of workout. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. La'Kisha

    I am new to the program and would like to know what would be the best routines for me to begin with. I want and have to a lot of weight, but for right now my target is 50 lbs hopefully by April 2017, so I don’t want to waste anytime doing the wrong workout routines and not seeing results.
    Here are my stats:
    Age: 44
    Current weight: 256

  3. Jessica

    Hi Chris, I Workout with you in the past and loss a lot of weight. Just would like you to know I’m back and I’m ready to get back on track. 🙂

  4. Cleda

    Chris: I have a question. Joined (wonderful annual offer! WOW!) and am doing the Firm N Burn rotation. I’m on day #2 and it calls for “Bodyweight Circuits”. I could not find it anywhere and the only workout I found that was 45 minutes was Body Weight Intervals. Is this one in the same workout? Just so I now I did the right one. Thanks in advance. Cleda

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, Cleda. Congratulations on completing day 2! We are SO glad you joined GHU TV and are liking the workouts. We are also so glad you e-mailed because you caught a typo on that calendar for us! You are correct the bodyweight circuits should say bodyweight intervals and we are in the process of fixing that now. Thank you so much for reaching out to us! Keep up the great work, we have more fun workouts on the way!

      • Nicole

        Just wanted to let you know that I printed out the Firm and Burn calendar and it still says Bodyweight Circuits.

  5. Rita

    Hi how are you, I’m rita and because of you I love to watch your video you are amazing and very nice works. I need your advice for workout and diet I like to be fit strong like you . Now I’m on diet and everyday doing exercise from Jillian Michaels . If it’s posssible to do programm plz

  6. Shari

    Hi Chris, I’m 50 and have exercised on and off ( mainly off) and now regretting it. I have very little flexibility and need to start at the beginning. Do you have some videos that will help beginners?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      We absolutely have beginner workouts and you are never too late or too old – start now – you have a lot of years ahead of you!!
      Check out our Move to Lose program, Walk & Tone Program and a few of the GOLD WORKOUTS – Walk & Sculpt, Low impact Fusion, Pilates and Yoga. Check out the Get Started Beginners calendar and the Beginner to Buff calendar! Join our private facebook group for support – the women are super engaged and help each other :)!!
      Chris Freytag

  7. Gina

    As a 63 year old every day workout person since 1974, I just love your power walk workouts plus those with light weights. As I just can’t quite do some of the same workouts I did years ago now, keep these coming. You and Jodi, and Lindsey offer wonderful workouts in this my favorite choice!

  8. Kelli

    I am interested in attending some of Chris’s classes live. Where is her studio located and do you have to have a membership or can you attend 1 or 2 classes on a trial basis?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi there – so I teach at the Life Time Fitness in Plymouth Minnesota. It is a club with memberships – but I am happy to have a guest anytime if I know in advance!
      Chris Freytag

  9. mbabyi

    Yes, I agree more cardio kickboxing. I love cardio kickboxing. It was what I first started doing when I started my weight loss and is always one of my daily workouts , 10lb slimdown , when I first started i found you on exercise TV. Back in 2010 and have been doing your workouts ever since.

  10. Noelle Marie
    Noelle Marie

    Dear Chris, I’ve used your DVDs since the two week turnaround and more. I had been through a lot of others in the past and the instructors were either pushing without explaining the moves, or they were going way too hard core on spirituality before explaining the practical aspects of the workouts. I like that your nutrition tips are science based because not only are fads a temporary fix at best (say, cross fit)- they are also horrible for actual joint and gut health. I am so excited to try out GHU, and it’s so refreshing to see you as well as the other instructors who have the same approach. I don’t need to be part of a cult to be fit. I just need the right information, the right guidance, the right tools, and motivation. Awesome! Awesome!!

  11. Michelle M Berg
    Michelle M Berg

    How do I get the $20.00 special, for the rest of the year, you spoke about on Kare11 Saturday? Would like to get started. Thank you!

  12. Tracie Capozzio
    Tracie Capozzio

    Hi Chris, I have been using your programs for a while. Is there a calendar that will give me a good mix of strength, toning, and fat burning but will not hurt my knees. I have gained 25 pounds in my 40s and can’t stand myself anymore. 🙁 I never gained weight until my forties and it sucks.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Tracie,

      Here is what our expert had to say regarding your question:

      Hi There:
      Great to hear from you. Sorry you’re feeling frustrated right now, but please know you are not alone! We all go through those valleys with our bodies. They key is that you have hit your limit and are ready to do something about it.
      Depending on your fitness level we have a lot of great options. If you are in pretty good shape and able to do our intermediate/advance programs I suggest these:
      Metabolic Reboot – This sounds like the perfect RX for what you are trying to solve. Just be willing to modify anything that is too much impact for your knees. If there are lunges that bug you, turn them into squats. If there is jumping, we usually give great low impact options.
      Hiit it Hard -High intensity interval training is one of the quickest way to kick your butt back into shape. This is a tough but great program. Same rules about modifying apply!
      LIFT – this is our low impact functional training program. It might be just the thing you need to work hard, but skip all impact to protect those knees.
      Good luck and let us know!
      Kim, GHU Team

      Get Healthy U TV Video Membership

  13. Shari Edwards
    Shari Edwards

    I just joined and am enjoying the workouts. I started with Move to Lose and am wondering what size stability ball you use in these videos? I have the 55 cm but it appears shorter than the one you are using. Thank you!

  14. Patty Swedberg
    Patty Swedberg

    Hello Chris! I did your first at home workout today and loved it, as I knew I would, as I used to do your LTF Plymouth classes all the time! It is great to see you again after being in a rotten slump after moving to Elk River, joining the YMCA and just getting into it when Covid hit. Tried continuing my Orange Theory Fitness (joined OTF after Jessica Downing made me go check it out in Plymouth) workouts on line which lasted about 2 months. I have partially moved up to our cabin in Aitkin now where my options are bike, walk and pickleball with my mom and the other 80 year old’s (which is great) but today was raining so I had joined your GHUTV family a few weeks ago and decided I had better “get moving”! I have several of your CD’s and your cookbook from years ago and feel like I know you! Even though you don’t know me you have been very inspirational to me all of these years since, probably whenever you started coaching in Plymouth ( I joined there in 98′) anyway I need to seriously get back on track with workouts and I am feeling like GHUTV is gong to be awesome for me so, thank you for that and all of the years of inspiring! Patty Swedberg

  15. Alison Griffitts
    Alison Griffitts

    Chris, what shoes do you recommend for an all around hiit, cross and cardio workouts?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi there,
      Here is what our expert had to say:
      It is hard for any person to recommend a shoe because the brands of shoes are very specific for different feet
      Nike is more narrow and cushioned Asics are wider and have more support. New Balance have TONS of support but some people don’t think they have enough cushion. Truly the best thing to do is to go to a local running or sporting goods store that will help you choose. A good store will watch you walk on the floor or a treadmill and tell you how your foot moves and what works best.

      If you already have a brand you like then choose a cross training shoe for the workouts you mentioned. Cross trainers are desigend for things like cardio and hiit.

      Good luck!
      Kim GHU team

  16. Lynda Blair
    Lynda Blair

    Chris I want to join you in your workouts. However, I will soon be 76 years old. I have back issues with pain radiating down my legs. At one time I was active in yoga and have been doing classes over the years. My doctor has told me that yoga would be helpful in strengthening my back. Do you have suggestions or recommendations for me to follow you?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Lynda,
      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

      Hi there – so glad you are interesting in moving !!! SO with the issues you list – I am worried that most of our workouts will be too much. I never like to turn anyone away but I also want you to be safe and feel good. There is a program called that is geared towards seniors and has LOTS of videos for your age group and your issues. I know the 2 boys who started the program – they are from Minnesota and are good trainers. Take a peak at it and see what you think. I think you would like our chair workouts but we only have 5 of them.
      Let me know what you think!!

      Chris Freytag

  17. Kim Dean
    Kim Dean

    Hi Chris, I want to do cardio but am not sure what my target heart rate should be. I know the formula but I have a rear heart rate of 91bpm and am 63 years old. From what I figure my maximum HR is 157bpm. The low end if my target HR is 102bpm and the high end is 133bpm. I get up to 150bpm or higher with a rate of perceived exertion of 6-7. What range should I shot for?