Meet Your Instructor: JC Lippold

JC Lippold is a certified yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, runner and appreciator of #allthethings. When asked, “What do you do?”, he most often answers the question by saying that he is a homemaker. We all know the power we possess when we feel at home. Right? He has spent the last 20 years holding space for others to feel safe, welcomed and empowered. Within this space we risk to connect to one another, we venture to amplify and actualize our dreams & we begin to consider a world where we believe that: I am enough. I am always enough.

A passionate facilitator of yoga, high intensity and functional movements and meditation, JC’s passion is rooted in creating runways for every person to explore and grow their capacities in doing all the things. He is founder of 5K Everyday Conversations which is a social movement that offers conversational 5Ks every day with the purpose of removing the words “I am not a runner” from common language.

JC, from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota loves spending time with his partner Alex and their dogs Hamilton and Jefferson. A piano and voice teacher and theatre director in the Twin Cities, music is a constant force in his life and if you are curious, Barry Manilow & Britney Spears top the list for the best jams. 🙂

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