Meet Your Instructor: Shannon Tietz

Shannon has been a certified fitness instructor for 25 years. Her love of fitness started with classical dance at an early age; she moved into hip hop and then took on full-contact kickboxing in her 20s. Teaching group fitness has been a staple for several decades, and she continues even after a full knee replacement in 2018! Shannon is married, has 3 kids, and lives in Minneapolis, MN . She is the owner of ShannonElise Fitness, where she trains athletes. Her family motto is, “We are on this earth to serve others.” Shannon’s way to serve is through health and fitness.

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3 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Shannon Tietz”

  1. NIKKI

    Absolutely one of my favorite trainers! Challenging workouts and some new moves for me in several of Shannon’s workouts. Love it!

  2. KATE

    Love, love, love Shannon!!! Her energy, her drive, her happy spirit!

  3. Marjie Steel

    I love Shannon - her smiling face and optimistic attitude is always a good picker upper in my mornings. She makes a good team with Shelley.