Meet Your Instructor: Shelley Hawkins

Shelley Hawkins is South African born and has lived internationally for the past 21 years, now residing in Minnesota, her fifth US state. She is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Shelley is passionate about making fitness both fun and challenging while being accessible to all levels! Her mantra is, “this is not a dress rehearsal, this is your life”.

Try one of Shelley’s free ten minute workouts right now! Ready for a great upper body? Challenge yourself with this chest and shoulder workout that can be done right at home. Grab some weights as we lead you through this 10-minute routine.

Work out with Shelley

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9 Responses to “Meet Your Instructor: Shelley Hawkins”

  1. MARIE

    Shelley is fun and engaging! Her workouts are easy to follow, yet challenging! I just love her style!

  2. KASEY

    What did Shelley do to lose weight..

  3. Jeannette Hernández

    Shelley, I really enjoy your barre classes. As a teacher myself I have to tell that you explained movement and steps very well. Thank you for adding all the modifications aspects of the class. You are definitely a powerhouse and an inspiration for many of us. Love your comments that motivates us. Of course, love your accent. As a Spanish teacher, I love it! Keep teaching.

  4. KASEY

    Will Shelley be doing a live video soon or workout video

  5. Joyce

    Shelly is a great instructor, she knows how to motivate you.

  6. Audrey

    I LOVE Shelley's Classes ... Very Entertaining with a GREAT encouragement attitude!

  7. rusrats

    How old is ShelleyHawkins?

  8. Katherine

    Is there a calendar that shows a lot of Shelley's workouts?

  9. Tpusscats3

    Where can I buy the equipment like the dumbells etc