How to Stream GHUTV Workouts with Your Amazon Fire Stick

Stream using Amazon Fire TV

Via Your FireTV Device

Select the Search icon in the top navigation of your FireTV device.

On the search screen, input “Get Healthy U TV” or “GHUTV”.

On the search results page, scroll down to the row titled Apps & Games. Within this row, you should see the Get Healthy U TV app. Highlight the app and press enter.

On the app detail page, scroll down and highlight “Get” and press enter. The app will now download and install on your FireTV device. You may now open the app on your device.

Note: In order do download the app to your FireTV device, you will need to have configured your Amazon 1-Click payment settings here.

Via a Web Browser

Go to and make sure you are signed in to your amazon account that is linked to your FireTV device

Go to the Get Healthy U TV Channel on Amazon

On the righthand side of the screen, under “Deliver to:” select your compatible device and then click “Get App”

Note: In order do download the app to your FireTV device, you will need to have configured your Amazon 1-Click payment settings here.

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59 Responses to “How to Stream GHUTV Workouts with Your Amazon Fire Stick”

  1. Cindy Church

    How do you search for videos using the fire tv app? when I click on HOME, I see Most Popular, Featured Videos, 10 minute videos, 30 minute videos. Don’t see a search box. Thank you!

  2. Laura Stouffer

    I purchased but am only able to log in on computer. Cannot log in on app or through Amazon Fire stick. Using same password but tells me the password or credentials are incorrect. Spoke to someone the other day but haven't heard back. Hope to be able to use this where I have room to exercise soon.

  3. Alison Potokin

    I am a premium member and signed up for a challenge. How do you access the calendar on your television to access the gold videos in the challenge?

  4. Leonoris reyes

    I just purchased the program today and the system will not let me log in. It says invalid email but I’m clicking the email you all sent to me.

  5. Nuria Perez

    My fire stick says it cannot find the app, is it because I am using

  6. Angela Brown

    Can I stream on my Samsung tv or does it have to go thru Amazon or Roku?

  7. Shelly Jacob

    Awesome! It works. Thanks!

  8. Carol Mayes

    It seems it’s all viewable through You Tube, so they are getting very rich off our $3 when we could already view it for free !

  9. SUSAN

    I received your email regarding being able to do classes on the TV. I have an Amazon Firestick and I have already paid for my membership with you guys for the next year. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do when I follow the directions when I click on the Amazon Firestick directions. It doesn't tell me how to get the app on my tv. When I click on the link = AND IT ASKS ME FOR A PAYMENT. All transactions are completed with 1-Click. Changes made to your default 1-Click method will apply to future 1-Click transactions, but will not change your current active subscriptions. Your Default 1-Click Payment Method Visa ending in **** PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK WITH EXACT INSTRUCTIONS when I already own a Firestick and am ready to download your app. Whenever I call there, I can't get a straight answer and I find it very frustrating. Please email me instructions to And please do not publish this comment. Thank you.

  10. Sue Paquin

    I have been able to sign in, no problem, but it is not showing the ones I tagged as favorites. Will they carry over?