How to Use Your Get Healthy U TV GOLD Membership

There is so much to enjoy with a GOLD Membership to Get Healthy U TV, and this handy guide should help you navigate all the amazing benefits available to you. Check out the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough with Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U:
    • WORKOUT DOWNLOADS: You have 15 free downloadable workouts already loaded into your account when you become a GOLD member. Load them onto your phone, tablet, or laptop and take them with you on the go! You can find them in the Downloads section of your Account Dashboard when logged in to your GOLD membership.
    • WORKOUT CALENDAR: As part of the 15 downloadable workouts, you also get an exclusive GOLD-member-only calendar that mixes up those workouts for you into a fun, dynamic exercise plan. You can find this calendar in the Downloads section.
    • $10 OFF BUTCHER BOX COUPON: Also as part of your GOLD membership, you get a special $10 off coupon to all orders placed at Butcherbox, a company we love for their 100% grass fed beef, free range chicken, and organic pork. You can do a subscription plan where you can get healthy, organic meats delivered right to your door. Simply download the coupon to get your special code.
    • 20% OFF SPRI COUPON: Also in the Downloads section, you’ll find an exclusive 20% off coupon that you can use on any purchase from SPRI, an amazing company where you can buy professional quality exercise equipment. Simply download the coupon to get your special code that you’ll use at checkout in the SPRI online store.
    • LIVE WORKOUT CLASSES: This is probably our favorite benefit! Each week we do a LIVE workout with you – you can join us every Monday morning for 45-minutes of sweat, motivation, and fun. We’re always changing up the workouts and inviting new instructors to join us so you’re always in for something new. If you miss the live workout, no problem. GOLD members have access to all of the live workouts after they have aired so you can always catch them later. Simply go to the LIVE CLASSES tab at the top of the Get Healthy U TV website to see all the classes listed in order of air date. You’ll need to be logged in to your GOLD account to view them.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Also as a member, you have access to our private, members-only Facebook group where we share ideas, inspiration, and encouragement with each other every day. It’s an amazing community of women where you connect with like-minded people and make wonderful new fitness friends. Just search for the Get Healthy U TV Members Group on Facebook and ask to join!

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  1. Susana Blankenship

    We’d love to see more step routines from Patty!

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    Refund and cancel membership

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    Hello I’ve emailed and tried calling to have my membership canceled and a refund

  4. Marcela Coronado

    Refund me my money and cancel my subscription all my money is gone and I never received an email ! I had only payed for a one time payment trial

  5. Lori

    Please cancel and refund me

  6. Kirsten Johnson

    Can you please cancel my membership and refund me I never received an email saying it was due. Now all my money for the next two weeks is gone.

  7. Jeanmarie

    Please cancel my membership. Thank you!

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    Please cancel my membership. Thank you!

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    Want to cancel membership

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    How do I know when my gold subscription expires?