Whole Body Reset

Keep your momentum going by working out with Get Healthy U TV for the next 30 days. I have created two different 28 day calendars filled with free 10-minute workouts to get you going! I created a beginner calendar for those who are just getting started with exercise, and a more advanced calendar for those of you looking for a challenge. Download either of these free calendars – each day has a clickable link.

These workouts are a small selection of what Get Healthy U TV has to offer. I have chosen these for you because they will give you strength, cardio and recovery workouts, as well as variety so you can create a program that feels right for you! By the way, 10 minutes is no joke! But if you like these short workouts, you’ll love the longer workouts on Get Healthy U TV if you subscribe as a member. Be sure to save or bookmark this page to access your calendars and click on the JOIN NOW button below if you are interested in becoming a part of our Get Healthy U TV Squad!

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