6-Minute Smoothies eBook


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eBook: 6-Minute Smoothies

If you’re looking for the easiest, most delicious way to incorporate more fruits, veggies, and superfoods into your diet, smoothies are for YOU!

6-Minute Smoothies contains everything you want to know about making smoothies. From kitchen equipment to ingredients and of course delicious recipes, this e-book will save you time and ensure you start your day in a healthy way.

This beautiful and easy-to-follow e-book includes 26 yummy smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes that you can make in 6 minutes or less!

GHUTV coaches have enjoyed smoothies for over a decade, and love to experiment with ingredients and flavors. The 6-Minute Smoothie e-Book is the ultimate guide and recipe book of delicious smoothies you can drink morning to night.

Chris Freytag and her friends at Real Food Dietitians have worked hard to put this e-book together to bring you delicious and nutritious smoothies that meet your needs and are easy to make! Chris has been a fitness expert and health coach for over 25 years and it brings her joy to help others on their health journey.

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